The oral care products industry is significant, with a 2017 valuation of $28 billion. And, it is a market that continues to grow. Experts forecast the compound annual growth rate will be approximately 5%. One reason for this is that there a number of oral care products available, and more are released to consumers on a regular basis. Another reason for the growth of this sector is the increasing emphasis among consumers on maintaining healthy oral and dental hygiene. Oral care products include:

·         Toothpaste.

·         Toothbrushes: electrical and manual, and replacement parts for electrical units.

·         Dental floss.

·         Mouthwash and rinses.

·         Breath fresheners.

·         Denture care.

Oral care products are sold and distributed by a number of channels including supermarkets, convenience stores, online stores, gift shops, drug stores and pharmacies. Regardless of which category your company falls into, having an awareness of consumer purchasing trends of oral care products is critical for making strategic choices.  

Cosmetic Dental Treatments and Oral Care Products

According to the statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2015, 91% Americans between the ages of 20-64 suffered from dental cavities or tooth decay. In most cases, these conditions develop when bacteria generates acids that breakdown otherwise healthy teeth. This has led to an increasing demand for cosmetic whitening products to reverse the unsightly effects of cavities and tooth decay which can cause significant discoloring.

Research market data reveals the following trends regarding oral care products:

·         As the population ages and life expectancy extends, an increasing number of geriatric individuals are investing in dentures and related oral care products. This is an emerging and growing market.

·         New and emerging oral care products are quickly gaining market share among consumers. These include fresh breath strips, denture adhesive creams, and dental chewing gum.

·         Advances in technology have also driven consistent and healthy sales numbers for battery-powered and electrical toothbrushes. Customized toothbrush designs appeal to adult consumers as well as their children. New features have also spiked purchases: tongue cleaning, massaging, deep clean, and whitening.

·         Among the oral care products available today, mouthwash is expected to see substantial market growth in the near-distant future. It will be largely fueled by new flavors that include herbal and other organic-themed choices. Medicated as well as non-medicated mouthwashes may contribute to demand as consumers look for products to treat bad breath, tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding gums, denture irritation, and other conditions.

·         Market data research suggests that oral care products related to dentures will experience significant growth during the upcoming forecast period. This includes adhesives and cleaners, with many new products entering the market. Another key factor is that more people are in need of dentures than ever before because the population continues to live longer on average.

·         Toothpaste represents the largest share of the oral care products market as of 2017. Demand is strengthened by the wide range of choices for toothpaste such as pastes, powder, and gels.

Market data research is an invaluable tool in helping companies focus their business to maximize growth and positive returns. Contact a marketing firm, to learn more about consumer market trends of oral care products.