If you are one of the many people who deals with chronic back pain, you may likely feel frustrated. Back pain can make it difficult to perform activities that once seemed so easy. It turns out that what you eat can have a big effect on how your back feels. Eating nutritious foods may help you notice a drastic improvement in your symptoms. Here are a few foods that a back pain chiropractor, recommends eating.


Salmon can benefit many parts of your body, including your back. The fatty fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation in the nerves and blood vessels. This ultimately gives the discs in your back nutrients to fight off degeneration. 


If you often skip over broccoli, now may be the time to add this vegetable to your plate. Broccoli contains magnesium, which assists with muscle contraction and relaxation. It is also packed with iron, a nutrient required for myoglobin production, which is an element of the muscles required to support your back. 


If you are someone who can’t start your morning without a cup of coffee, you are in luck. It turns out that coffee is actually beneficial for back pain. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, like caffeine and polyphenols, that can help alleviate soreness in your back.


Turmeric is definitely a spice you want to have in your diet. It contains curcumin and other chemicals that reduce inflammation in the body. People who suffer from sciatica, back pain or degenerative disc disease can especially benefit from adding turmeric to their food.


Edamame contains soy, a nutrient that reduces inflammation and fights bone loss, which can improve your back pain. If you add this nutritious vegetable to your diet, you may start to feel better.

Foods You Should Limit

If you struggle with back pain, there are also foods you may want to cut out from your diet. Processed foods, like white bread, pasta, candy and chips, can increase inflammation throughout your body, ultimately worsening your back pain. If you do not want to give up these foods completely, only have them in moderation.

If you suffer from back pain, you may want to schedule an appointment with a back pain chiropractor soon.