Chiropractic treatment could be the difference between living with pain indefinitely and living a full life free of pain. When you consider it that way, it may not make a difference how it’s paid for because the results are worth the price. If you’re concerned about paying for your chiropractic care, the following are three ways to pay for it.

Health Insurance

Chiropractic care is becoming more recognized by health insurance providers. Many are now offering coverage, either in part or in full because they are beginning to realize the positive effects and benefits. Be sure to check into your policy before assuming you have coverage, as there are some providers that haven’t jumped on board yet. It’s also possible you’ll be required to see a chiropractor from the insurance provider’s approved list if you want to use your coverage, so don’t schedule an appointment until you know for sure.

Out of Pocket

If you don’t have insurance coverage for chiropractic care, you might have to pay out of pocket. Speak with your chiropractor to see if there’s a discount given for payments made in full the day of the appointment. Many chiropractors offer a discount for cash instead of credit as well.

Payment Plan

Speak with your chiropractor about a payment plan if you are unable to pay the full amount at the time of your appointment. Different professionals have different plans, but some examples might include:

  • Making small payments once per week or once per month without interest
  • Making weekly or monthly payments with interest
  • Making payments for a certain time period without interest, but paying interest after the period is over

Of course, this will vary by chiropractor, so it’s important you speak with a representative at your chiropractic office instead of just assuming you’ll have this option. Some chiropractors will be willing to work something out with you and others won’t, so be sure to have this conversation before treatment so you can ensure you have a way to pay for treatment.

Learning More

Going to the chiropractor can offer long-term results that benefit your life in multiple ways. Whether you’ve been dealing with chronic pain, a sudden illness, a workplace injury or most anything else, a chiropractor and a complementary treatment as acupuncture can help. Contact Acupuncture Santa Monica, CA, to discuss possible treatment plans. The sooner you learn how you can pay for your care, the sooner you’ll be able to schedule an appointment and the sooner you’ll find relief.

Thanks to Santa Monica Holistic for their insight into getting a better understanding of chiropractic complementary treatments.