Six modern cliches which can change the way you look at things            1. Step outside your comfort zone!

Why should you do that when is so cozy in there. To torture yourself, with all kinds of situation and individuals in the name of your personal development? Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry may be proud with yet another customer for stress relief drugs. Oh I know, the reason you want to  step outside  your comfort zone is so that you take action and do all that you desire right? Instead of getting out from where it feels so good and comfortable, you should act precisely from there. You don’t have to get out, all you have to do is include more comfortable things, places, people.  When you make the entire world your comfort zone you understand that what you used to call “your comfort zone” was merely undisguised fear. Fear of of success, fear of success, fear of not being loved, fear of being loved too much (yes it can happen).

2. You can do anything you want!

Yes, I know I can, but why should I? Why should I do eeeeeeverything I want to? I learned the hard way that what one wants is not necessarily what one needs. In the first Obama presidential campaign his motto was ” Yes we can! ” and the brilliant  Jon Stewart came with the idea ” Yes I can but I don’t want to “!

3. Stand out of the crowd!

Hmmm stand out of the crowd so that you can go with the crowd of those that stood out of the crowd. As if you only had two options: be in the crowd or be out of it. I say be yourself, wherever you might be. If you can be yourself you can be in the crowd or outside, it won’t matter. To be yourself, first you must know, understand and accept yourself.

4. Be unique! Be yourself!

My favorite cliche that I personally use most of the time. Whatever you are you are you. Whatever you do you are you. However you may be or you may want to be you already are the way you are. Try not to be you, not to be unique, not to be yourself. That might be a real challenge!

5. Be present!

My second favorite cliche is also a paradox such as the one before. Try for a moment to not be present! Of course your mind might go in the past or in the future that is one of its jobs but even though the mind is in the future you want for yourself, that is also happening now.

6. Do not settle for less!

Why don’t you?  This days less is more! The human being needs (truly needs) few things to live a healthy, proper, joyous life. 50-100 years ago we knew that, now we have forgotten what our genuine needs are. Now we desire more of everything, more money, more food, more information, more time, more this, more that.

I’m not saying that one should live a mediocre life, but I really don’t  think that people actually need enormous houses and 100 pairs of shoes and a large account in the bank.

Do not settle for less. Do not be deluded by more. Accept and fulfill your true needs by accepting yourself and the present moment and act from that point, if you need to act, if not just be.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changes” – Wayne Dyer